i’m talking females and advice today. here’s the thing. and here’s MY thing. if you know me at all, this post will come as no surprise to you. i don’t mind giving advice- in fact, i love it. i like that people value my opinion on certain topics. but this is the deal. i give advice. and i give it once. you can take it or leave it after that. but please, please, PLEASE don’t come back to me, with the same issue, if you didn’t apply what i just told you. don’t waste your time, and don’t waste my time. here’s why i’m posting about this today…

all names are left out because i’m not trying to pick fights with any one of my dear girlfriends today. also, this pertains to way more than just one of you out there…ready?

here lies the problem…i know of this problem because i do believe that i was once this girl. granted, i crashed and burned, then learned from the mistakes. these girls all haven’t been burned (yeah, take that in whichever way you want. and yes, what you’re thinking of is one of the ways through which maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn) hard enough yet. clearly.

men are easy to read. men are not as complicated as we, women, give them credit for. they are simple and straight-forward as a whole. now, i understand that there are personalities and quirks that make people more complicated, yeah yeah, i get that. but i’m saying, in general. men, hell, even PEOPLE, are very easy to process. men can’t be dogs if you don’t let them bone. CHURCH! *drops mic*

you know that saying “you can’t turn a ho into a housewife”? that’s the moral of the story here. don’t go ho-in’ your ass around then expect for dudes to wanna wife you. it’s not going to happen. i understand that our culture is not making this very clear. read: Chyna got both picked up and knocked up by Tyga and when they met, she was a KOD stripper. but please understand that she is also gorgeous, tatted & thicker than bread ‘n’ butta. and she works at KOD, dammit. her lifestyle is not the same as yours. and as much as you might wanna think this, you don’t look like her either. moreover, think of all the other KOD strippers, or just strippers in general, who aren’t getting themselves a Tyga. there is, truthfully, only one rapper for every 2938783 strippers out there. this is, also, by no means a diss towards strippers. i went to my first strip club not too long ago and was seriously impressed by some of the actions i saw. do whatchu gotta do, and go on witcha bad self. but i digress…

i guess what i’m trying to say is, you can’t go to a bar, decide to get all up on the guy, say you won’t be mad if he doesn’t catch feelings (because, let’s be real, he’s just lookin’ to smash), then get upset when he doesn’t want your ass in any way, shape, or form (yes, your literal ass, but no, not you) right after. remember the night before when you said that it didn’t matter and that you were just out to have fun? where is that mentality the next morning? let me clarify: i’m not saying that there is anything wrong, per se, with this lifestyle. if this is how you wanna live your life, by all means, go for it. i’m saying don’t try to live this lifestyle if you’re not ready for it. and unfortunately, i’d say 85% of females (at least, who i know and who come to me for advice) aren’t and will never be ready for this kind of lifestyle. and that’s okay. but own it.

don’t get mad at the men for playing the game, get mad at yourself for letting the game get ran on you…

last thought. the thing that pisses me off most though? when i fortune-tell these girls and forewarn them that this is going to happen, they think they’re above it. really though?  if you really do “got it like that”, then kindly, no 2am phone calls or texts begging me to come through for you to cry on and vent to. bitch, please. we ain’t got time for all that.

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