take 2 seats, please

today, i’m discussing the ridiculousness that is seen on my Twitter and Facebook and across all other social media these days. i’m about to blow your mind with the insanity that these 12 year olds can come up with…

all quotations taken are verbatim

about to #shower

okay. hashtags are tremendously popular. i get that. but my question to you is, why did you hashtag shower?! who is going to be looking up #shower and comparing notes to you via Twitter? are you planning on writing to the people who also tweeted #shower, and say “oh cool! me too!”?

i love you’re picture

you oughtta be spanked, slapped, then sent back to elementary school. i can’t even with this one. next.

aww, you’re a cute asian

…as opposed to…?

oh hey brenda song 😉

no. nope. really? even if we did look alike, still the worst pick-up line i’ve ever heard. boy bye.

slapped my sister across her damn face because she asked for it. won’t be suprised if my phone is disconnected later today…

yes, suprised. also, can i tell you that this little girl is all of 14 years old? WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?

i just can’t. all y’all need to take 2 seats. #smdh


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