second grade

when i first moved to the states, i lived in Cali briefly before moving to Baltimore, Maryland, for a year. at the time, i didn’t pay much attention to anything that wasn’t Sailor Moon or princess related. it took a good couple of years for me to realize that my father and i didn’t leave the house past 8pm on most days. we certainly didn’t walk outside or go to the grocery store past those hours. the concept of staying indoors because of a bad neighborhood never occurred to me. but during those times, my parents were both just learning English. my dad was working at Johns Hopkins University but my mom was unemployed and was studying 24/7 to get her RN license. we were not financially sound enough to be living in a nice neighborhood or environment.

school was a little bit rough, mainly because i didn’t speak any English. but it was also difficult because the kids teased me a lot. i guess seeing someone who was of a different race than them was extremely different and therefore, gave them a reason to yell out obscenely racist things at me. it’s okay though; i didn’t understand 78% of the shit the little bitches said anyway…

i think i had to learn really early on to have thick skin and be culturally sensitive, all at the same time. to this day, it doesn’t phase me when someone is rude or racist towards me. however, it burns me to the core when it’s happening to someone else, because i know what that feels like. i’m always waiting for the day when color of skin no longer matters.


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