just go for it!

i think that it’s fascinating that we’re advanced enough to be able to glean emotions and hidden meanings in simple texts and emoticons. there was something that i wanted to address today though.

so i guess, along with texting being today’s choice of communication, come the ridiculous rules…i don’t buy into these rules not one bit. the biggest one that i cannot stand comes from the girls. you don’t know how upset i get when i hear “nope, i can’t text him until he texts me”. if you really feel that way, then don’t give me the “but i like him SO much” bullshit. bc you gotta pick one. you can’t have both. either you like him and you make it known to him, or you don’t and you sit your ass there and wait for him to maybe or maybe not text you first.

i have NEVER been that type of girl. if mama wants something, mama’s gonna go get it. you remember back in elementary school when we all played telephone with each other and passed along messages? well, instead of being telling megan to tell suzie to tell anna to tell christine that i maybe think tom is cute, i always just went and told tom my damn self. either tom liked me too, and we dated (in 2nd grade) or tom didn’t feel me like that, and we continued to play kickball on the playground. see how simple that was? see, when you play all that she say he say game, that’s how rumors get started. next thing you know, viv likes tom’s older sister’s dog’s cousin, and i get in trouble for beastiality. see how that could’ve been avoided? just be straight up! men like confidence anyway…try it!


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