the return

so, hi. i can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since i last posted something on here. for those of you who actually read this, i thank you! i missed you. there have been some updates in my life, and i thought i’d give y’all the run-down. so the latest development in my life was my 22nd birthday. i’m old, y’all! i don’t really feel a difference although i will say that, in the past 12 months, i have grown more than i have ever imagined possible. i think i grew as a person, a soul, a mental being, etc. i feel extremely blessed to have gone through the life-changing experiences that i got to go through. for those of you who are wondering, i’m still affiliated with Warner Bros. Records. although i’m not in the NYC offices anymore, i’m still doing remote work for them out of Chicago. i got to go to the Rockie Fresh tour date in Chicago on my birthday, so that was a blast. i have to give the biggest shout-outs to my people in the NYC office who made it all possible though. the show was a delight, and i miss MMG and the rest of the label like crazy. 

school is killing me. i’m in 6 classes, working a job on campus, and running rehearsals for Sig O still. everything is a blast and i don’t ever want it to end, but the amount of stress i’m under is some real shit. sleep is forever the first thing on my mind and the last thing that gets to happen. the struggle is so live these days.


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