city of angels

i know i know. it’s been another couple of months since i’ve last posted something. things have been busy, and frantic, and scary, to say the least. so here are some updates.

last we spoke, i was still in Chicago, finishing up fall quarter, and trying to make everything from classes to SigO rehearsals to meetings run smoothly. everything was great.

i was offered an internship out in Burbank, California, for Atlantic Records. and of course, i went for it. if you remember last summer, they had to drag me out of there kicking and screaming from Warner Bros. Records. 

the atmosphere is totally different. that’s probably the biggest discrepancy out here so far. everyone is just relaxed. i felt like, in NYC, and even in Chicago and Evanston on the NU campus, everyone was so hectic, even if there wasn’t actually anything to freak out about. LA is nice. LA is weather that i’m used to. LA has weather that i haven’t experienced since Florida, and it’s definitely nice being back in the sun and warmth.

my job is relaxed, laid-back, and just a lot more calm than when i was in Manhattan. and i think that’s to be expected. 

more later.


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