peep the crazy

you know how they say that you can take a girl out of the south, but you can’t take the South out of a girl?

i was born in Hefei, China on October 20th, 1990, at 5pm and have been wreaking havoc ever since. when i was born, my mother cried at how ugly i was because she thought i looked like an alien. no lie! i moved to the states 8 years later have moved around the country quite a bit since. i currently have one more year at Northwestern University. go cats! on the topic of which teams i root for, here’s the quick run-down. NBA- Lakers because they are the first basketball team i ever watched on TV, NFL- Steelers because my immediate family now resides in the same township as Big Ben himself and NCAA- Gators because i consider Gainesville my hometown and lived there the longest.

i am my own woman band and am listening to music at least 16 hours a day. this past fall, i worked at the admissions office as a senior admissions counselor, schoolin’ and calmin’ down all the high school students, parents and guidance counselors who are freaking out about college. i also worked for Warner Bros. Records. i worked for them this summer in NYC and have been fortunate enough to keep the connections and networks going even back here in the Chi. the music industry is kind of everything and nothing like what i’ve always pictured. i’m actually on my way out to LA to work for Atlantic Records in January…come find me!

my life-long dream is to build a music school where my paternal grandparents live (they just got a porcelain toilet a couple years ago!).  i want every single child to experience music the way that i did and give it the opportunity to change their lives.

i’m stubborn at all the wrong times | i’m sensitive about the weirdest things | i laugh about the most inappropriate and childish things | i march to the beat of my own drum | i’m 5’2 and 3/4 | i’m 22 | v is for…

oh yeah, and #jetsgo


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