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August 9, 2012

just breezy

FIRST OFF. CHRIS BROWN IS ON TOP OF ME RIGHT NOW. no, unfortunately, not like that. he’s upstairs today! i spazzed for a while. he and Beyonce are the only 2 people i will ever be a groupie for.

anyway. i really wanted to thank all of you who read my post from yesterday. someone actually made a really nasty judgemental statement 2 nights ago, and i sorta lost it. i was in tears writing it so to hear you guys say that it was thought-provoking, really warmed my heart. i really appreciate all of you who took the time to actually read what i wrote, because i can promise you, that everything that ever comes out of my mouth or ends up on this blog, is 100% my truest and deepest feelings and emotions.

for the couple of you who actually reached out to me via Facebook and text message, i thoroughly appreciate y’all. it’s nice to write to an audience.

you are all in my thoughts. be peaceful.